How to Help a Loved One Cope with the Emotional Impact of a Spinal Cord Injury

If someone in your family sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI), it will ultimately be life changing for everyone in your household. Depending on the extent of the injury, you may need to quit your job to look after your loved one or liquidate certain assets in order to afford a caregiver.

Can You Recover Compensation for Chiropractic Care in a Personal Injury Claim?

Chiropractic care can effectively treat all kinds of soft tissue injuries including strains, whiplash, and contusions. It can also relieve chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain stemming from various conditions. Because it actually addresses the underlying cause of pain instead of merely masking it, chiropractic care is a popular treatment among car accident victims.

School Bus Crash Sends Children and Driver to Hospital

According to KATC, a recent collision between a school bus and another vehicle at the intersection of Forman St. and Johnston St. in Lafayette Parish sent several children and the driver to the hospital.

Can I Recover Pain and Suffering Damages Following a Minor Collision?

Most motor vehicle collisions seemingly occur out of nowhere, and even minor car accidents can be traumatic for the motorists and passengers involved. In fact, American Family Physician reports that traffic crashes are now the leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder in this country.

What Are My Rights as a Passenger?

When you ride as the passenger in someone else’s vehicle, you are essentially entrusting your life to the driver. Although riding shotgun typically occurs without incident, there’s always the chance that you could end up with debilitating injuries following a serious collision.

6 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

It’s impossible to predict when you might end up in a collision or stranded in your vehicle on the side of the road. Since anything can theoretically happen at any time, it is essential to keep a fully stocked emergency kit in your vehicle.

What Is a Case Runner?

Debilitating car accident injuries can be exorbitantly expensive to treat. Unfortunately, not all victims know their rights when it comes to pursuing compensation from the party who caused their injuries. This is where a car accident lawyer can help.

How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Driving Ability?

The average car weighs more than 4,000 pounds, and the average speed limit on highways in Louisiana is 55 miles per hour. These two simple facts are all you need to know in order to understand why drowsy driving is so dangerous.

23-Year-Old Man Dies in Head-on Collision

According to KLFY 10, a head-on collision on LA 724 has claimed the life of one person and left four others with minor injuries. Louisiana State Police report that a 23-year-old man was heading westbound on LA 724 when he crossed the centerline and collided with a truck in the eastbound lane.

Who Is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Most drivers assume that if a motorist hits them from behind, that motorist will be liable for any damages incurred. Although this is often the case, each auto accident is unique, and there are some exceptions to the presumption of guilt when determining fault in rear-end collisions.